Scott is an Illustrator, workshop practitioner and Framing shop assistant based in the fine city of Norwich, England.

A recent graduate of Norwich University of the Arts, Scott aspires to push himself and work in interesting directions. He uses the craft of printmaking with its endless possibilities for experimentation as the tool to contextualize his ideas.

I am available for commission please email:






Next tuesday Norwich Illustration course are holding their fundraising auction, where you can bid on pieces submitted by professionals, students and tutors. It’s part of NUCA live at the Forum in town, starts at 5.30pm. The six pieces above are all a selection of what is on offer, and are by ; Hannah RollingsJack Teagle, Andy SmithJon Burgerman and students Gary Hunt and Chris King.

Some other great illustrations students on tumblr are;

staceyknights.tumblr.comrupertsmissenillustration.tumblr.com &

Pop along to the forum to see these in real life (and bid!) before its too late!

Yeah…! What they all said.
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    So yeah, last day to come see the work and the auction is this eve as mentioned, check it!
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